In Motion

Fall into fitness

Keep your family active as the weather cools.

You and your family have probably been on the go all summer: soccer tournaments, swimming lessons, trips to the park and more. But as kids head back to school in the fall, all that activity slows down – and so do your activity levels.

Just because the weather will be cooling off doesn’t mean you and your family can’t keep moving. Here are a few ways to stay active in the fall and beyond:

Race together. Fall is a prime time for races. Whether it’s a charity walk, fun run or a more serious challenge, there are plenty of local events. Choose one and make it a family tradition every year.

Get out. Remember all those awesome outdoor spots you were just too busy to visit this summer? Well, the coast is probably a lot clearer now – and still beautiful. Take advantage of the weekends and try to find new places to hike and bike where you can enjoy the cooler weather and the view.

Bring it indoors. On days when it’s just too chilly or rainy to enjoy being active outdoors, bring the fun inside. Play games that keep you moving and off the couch – like balloon volleyball, crab-walk races or a hula-hooping challenge. Or turn up the music and dance. (Check out this month’s Take 5 article for a quick and fun indoor workout.)

Walk off your meals. Healthy routines help you and your family stay active. So grab a sweatshirt and take an evening walk right after dinner. And here’s a bonus: Research shows that walking right after a meal can help lower your blood sugar and prevent diabetes. It’s also more effective for weight loss than waiting until later.

Make fall yard work fun. You’ve got to rake those leaves anyway. Why not get the whole family in on it, pile them up and play in them first? It’s one more way to enjoy the crisp fall air and the company of those you love.